Danger…Obstacles Ahead!

“I was so excited…almost breathless…when the idea for this new product just knocked the doors off my thinking,” Grace exclaimed to her friends.  “You all know I’ve complained about my job for a long time.”  Grace shook her head.  “So, so long.”

Grace’s friends shifted in their chairs giggling.  Several of her friends got so sick of hearing Grace complain they had eased her out of their social invitations.  It was such a downer listening to her constant negative drum beat about how frustrating her boss was, how all the people at her office just backward…or even more pointed comments about her coworkers.

“Ladies, I just can’t believe how powerful this idea is.  I am so excited I can barely sleep!  I am energized. Creativity seems to flow from every pore in my body.  In the middle of the night I wake up, sit straight up, heart pounding as a new insight dares me to fall back asleep.”  Grace vibrated with excitement.   Her friends’ leaned in drawn to Grace’s electrified passion and enthusiasm.  Their hearts beat a little faster as Grace shared.

“I’ve put together my plan with some time-bound goals.  I’m so excited to get this project going.  I should have the first prototype ready in three months.” Grace’s confidence was infectious.  “I’m ready!”


“Hey Grace!  How’s it going?”  Samantha had known Grace since high school.  Samantha was looking forward to catching up on Grace’s good news.

Grace slowly shook her head.  “Oh, Sam, can I tell you all the crazy things that have happened since I was so excited by my new product idea?  I swear if it could go wrong it did go wrong.”  Grace spent the next 20-minutes recounting all the obstacles that seemed to appear out of the blue.  Her project was now a month behind, the fabricator had gone out of business, her bosses required more of her time at work, her boyfriend’s frustration grew as Grace’s focus was on her inspired project…her obstacle list was endless.   She was starting to think that she really wasn’t meant to do this project.  She just didn’t have the time and energy to devote to her inspired project after all the obstacles popped up.


Obstacles, I believe are important “helpers” to challenge us to be persistent, insistent, and consistent in manifesting our dreams.  Yep, that may be hard to hear, but inspired visions—often come to us as easy as a flash of insight or an electrified thought.  But taking a vision from concept to reality requires us to be persistent, insistent, and consistent in developing and building that vision into a concrete reality.   I built an organization that served almost 300 people.  The obstacles were extraordinary and sometimes daily occurrences.  I read a profound quote in the first year of making my vision a concrete reality.


Obstacles are helpers designed to inspire our creative problem solving.  Focus on your vision—not the obstacles—your concrete plan—not the obstacles.  Do something every single day—no matter what—to make your dream a reality.  Small bites eventually consume the elephant.

Peace & Blessings~



What Are You Waiting For?

A golden, radiant sunset bathed the peaceful oceanfront as she inhaled the beauty and smiled.  Dreams do come true she mused.

“Grandma,” her grandson Patrick interrupted. “Why are you smiling?”

Patrick, nosy or inquisitive, depending on when his question barrage arose loved visiting his Grandma’s home.

“Well, my dear, I’m just marveling at how great the Universe is.”  She replied.  “What do you mean, Grandma?” Patrick’s insistent, probing question came.  “Dreams do come true,” she replied.

“Grandma, no they don’t.  I dream all the time.  I dream about getting better grades, getting a summer job.  I’ve really been dreaming about dating Amber.  Oh, Grandma, you should see Amber.  She’s in the Architecture Club, on the Swim Team, and she’s really pretty.”  Patrick pouted, “But I don’t think she’s interested in me.”

“Why do you think she’s not interested in you?”  Grandma’s turn to probe.  “I dunno, I guess I’m just not good enough.”

“Not good enough!  Patrick, look around you.  Do you see this beautiful house? Can you hear the sound of the waves?  Did you see my business featured in Fortune Magazine last month?”  Patrick’s Grandma looked deep into her grandson’s eyes.

“Dreams do come true.  I used to dream about this amazing life filled with happiness, peace, a house I loved, doing a work that filled me up and lifted others, and sharing all of my joy with the love of my life.  I was almost 45 years old when I realized that dreaming alone wasn’t going to make it happen.  I was unhappy and angry.  I was afraid, so afraid.  I kept hearing all the people who told me I wasn’t good enough and that I wouldn’t amount to much of anything.  I could remember the first time I tried to start my business.  It failed.  Then I really believed what everyone said—I wasn’t going to amount to much of anything.”  She paused collecting her thoughts; shaking her head.

“Grandma, what changed?”  Patrick marveled.  “I thought I was the only person who was afraid.  You seem so strong.  Look at all your accomplishments.  I never knew you had so many doubts.”

Patrick’s Grandma chuckled.  “I realized two things.  First, I realized there was exactly one person living my life, living in my skin, and living out someone else’s doubts and fears.  It was me!  I realized that life is really, really long.  So long, in fact, that I deserved to live the life I dreamt about living.”

“The second thing I realized was I had to act.  I spent lots of time dreaming and being afraid, but I never set a plan and acted on even a part of my dream.”  She laughed, “There’s nothing like action to make things happen.  Patrick, once I had a clear, focused purpose, I created a plan of action.  It wasn’t a complicated plan, just a clear plan that I reviewed every day.  And every day I did something to move my plan forward.  Action moved my dream forward.”

“But Grandma, I’ve made plans before and then crazy things happened.  It just seemed like all kinds of problems and obstacles happened,” Patrick sighed.

“Of course obstacles come up, Patrick.  But that’s the power of having a clear on-purpose plan to look at daily to keep you on track.”  She paused, thinking.  “What happens when you don’t have a plan?  My experience is that any obstacle or challenge will throw you all over the place; like a leaf in the wind or a bottle in the ocean.  That includes someone else’s doubts or speculation about your dreams.  Obstacles are there to help us learn…and sometimes to test our resolve…which also helps us learn.”  She paused, breathing in the beauty and soaking in the purple-magenta sky reflecting off the ocean.

“My dear, once I chose to live my life and grow my dreams, it seemed like the world just opened up.  Some days I still am afraid or I have doubts.  But now I have proof that when I no longer allowed the doubts and fears that others planted in my mind to control my destiny, I could fly, achieve, and live my dreams.  You can too, Patrick!  If you want better grades, a fun summer job, or maybe even to date Amber, you can.  Create your clear on-purpose plan look at it daily.  Decide on-purpose-with-action to live your dreams, my dear, and the Universe will respond.


Does this story sound familiar?  I hear so many people dismiss their dreams because of other’s fears and doubts.  We are often in a perpetual dream state never giving birth to our dreams…growing older and older.   Two great quotes I’ve read that I hope will inspire you to create your clear on-purpose plan and take the first exciting step to bring your dreams to life.   Have no fear.  Have no doubt.  Believe that your dreams are inspired a Universe that desires and wants your dreams to be brought to life.

“How can life give you anything if you don’t know what you want yourself? ~ Napoleon Hill

“Only with definiteness of purpose will you be able to overcome the defeats and adversities that will stand in your way.” ~ Napoleon Hill

Peace & Blessings~


Glitter Healing

7:44am.  Smartphone ringing.  See caller’s name.  Swipe.  Unlock.

“Hey girl!”  I answer excitedly.

“Hey Mama!” my Heart Friend replies.  “What are you doing? Are you out and about?”

I chuckle.  “Ummm…no…I’m reading other folks’ blogs and answering email. What’s going on?”

“Hey, JStar.  One of my friends is going to have major breast cancer surgery today at 2:30.”  My Heart Friend’s voice lowers tinged with concern, sadness.  “Her daughter really loves glitter.  So I’m going to wear something glittery today.  I was trying to find my glitter kit, but I can’t.   So I’m wearing something glittery.  I thought I would see if you would wear something glittery, too.”

I paused sensing the enormity of everything she said and asked.  “Absolutely!”  I responded.  Pausing, I frantically searched my memory for something I owned that was glittery.  Folks who know me know that glittery clothing rarely appears on my body.

“Oh, good!” my Heart Friend paused.  “I’m asking about 15 people to wear something glittery today for my friend.”  “What’s her name?”  I asked.  My Heart Friend told me.  No one that I knew.  But it didn’t matter.

“Okay, Mama,” my Heart Friend bubbled.  “I’m off to get others involved.”

“Alright, girl.  Hugs. Have a great day.”

Glitter.  I searched my closet. Found the perfect top.  A mustard colored kurti embroidered with beads and small mirrors—in the shape of a heart.  Glitter energy for a mom preparing for surgery.  Glitter energy for a little girl who loves the bouncy, shiny, joyous fun of glitter.  Hope.

Glitter. Light. Healing.GLITTER:  Light of joy, energy, laughter, beauty, fun, heart.

HEALING:  Light of joy, energy, laughter, beauty, hope, possibility, transformation, heart, Love.

Together.   Imagine, hold, radiate out GLITTER HEALING today to Ms. J in Boston and all the other women and men who are moving thorough and beyond breast cancer.


Peace & Blessings~


Whose Inspiration Is It, Anyway?

“I really want a new job,” John exclaimed to his lunch bunch friends.  “I’m tired of this place and all the drama.  I really want more opportunities to grow and improve my skills.  I’ve been stuck here for five years just doing the same monotonous stuff.”   Every lunch bunch gathering John repeated the same complaint.

Two months later, John shares great news with his lunch buddies.

“Guys, I got an offer letter for a new job!  This new company has a lot of new opportunities and challenges for me to tackle,” John exclaimed.  “Wow, that’s great, John!  When are you giving your two-week’s notice?”  His friends were excited.   John was finally going to move on to something more interesting.  Cynthia, new to the lunch bunch, looked at John as he fiddled with his napkin, frowning.

“John, why don’t you seem excited?”  Cynthia asked.  Her brow furrowed in a puzzled look.

“Well, if I take this new job, I’m going to have to change apartments.  Then I won’t have anyone to walk my dog.”  The lunch bunch was stunned.  John had no opportunities in his current role.   No challenges.  No promotions.  He rarely seemed excited to come to work.  Was he really using an apartment change and no dog walker as the excuse to remain in his complaint-filled monotonous state?

John moped around the office for a week.  The lunch bunch gathered for after work drinks.  “Hey, John.  Have you given your two week’s notice yet?”  “Nah, I told management that I had this offer.  They asked me what the salary offer was.  I told them.  They matched it.  So I’m staying,” he sighed.  The lunch bunch group cut eyes to each other and let out a quiet breath of exasperation.  He stayed?  No promotion.  No new opportunities to grow or be challenged.  He stayed to continue his chosen existence of Miserable Mondays, Terrible Tuesdays, Wishing I Was Anywhere but Here Wednesdays…

This is a true story.  It might be your story.  It might be a friend’s or spouse’s story.  We decide we want something different in our lives.  We contemplate it, talk about it, and read about it until we attract it into our lives.  We INSPIRE the creation of a new adventure and ATTRACT IT into our life.  It could be new opportunities, experiences, people, or quests.

Then we systematically deny it, create reasons why it can’t, won’t, shouldn’t work or why we can’t, won’t, shouldn’t do it.  We create the most rational reasons why it can’t, won’t, shouldn’t work.  Some of the can’t, won’t, shouldn’t can rest in what others think or have told us.  Those limiting beliefs might come from parents, spouse, or friends.  Then we embrace others’ limiting beliefs as our Truth.

Trust your INSPIRATION.   Surround yourself with people who honor your inspired ideas, creations, desires.  Keep focused on manifesting the creations that come from your inspiration.  INSPIRATION is a powerful force guided by your Highest Self—not by naysayers.

 “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”  ~ Gospel of Thomas

Peace & Blessings~


Be Still and Know Love and Light

Years ago my Grandmother gave me a little turquoise book entitled The Quiet Mind – Sayings of White Eagle.  Each morning after meditation, I open it to a random section and read.   Small passages seem to always be just right.

This week an incredible energy of fear and trauma spread across the country.  This morning I watched the news in Boston.  Fear is present, tangible, blanketing a city and radiating across the country.


What do we mean by sending forth the Light?  Give out the love which you feel in your heart, and it goes forth as a Light.  If you could see yourselves when you are truly sending forth the Light, you would see a great radiance flowing from your heart—from your head in many cases. Your aura would be shining.  You would see the rays penetrating to a limitless degree; you would see the Light flowing from you, touching the heart, the understanding, even the physical life of your fellow men. ~ White Eagle

Fear is an energy that eclipses Light and Love.  It compels us to be suspicious, threatened, unbalanced, hopeless, angry and so many similarly destructive emotions.

I am in no way denying, diminishing, or obfuscating the horrible events and tragic loss of life in events across the country this week.  Lives have been irrevocably changed.  What I do believe is that our personal and collective healing requires that we be still and know that we are Love and Light.  Regardless of our religious or spiritual beliefs—we are Love and Light.  Our most important mission is to connect with that Love and Light, giving it first to ourselves, then consciously sending it to others.


The true Light is a gentle love which, rising in you, causes you to look on the world with understanding and compassion and respect.    When you respect the soul of your brother man you respect his life in every way. This gentle spirit, this respect one for another, must come.  For this is the generation of the one true Light, and this true Light is that of love. ~  White Eagle

We are One.  Our collective, conscious experience of sending Love and Light to Fear energy hastens healing.

Be filled with Love and Light and radiate that Love and Light to ALL today.

Peace & Blessings ~


…and the Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness seems to be an ephemeral experience.  A couple of weeks ago I sat at breakfast with a friend.  Our conversation wound its way through professional adventures and misadventures finally resting in my deeply reflective experience of going to a funeral and seeing the impact—really the happiness that one person had on so many people through his service and caring.  We flowed into a conversation about happiness.  She defined happiness as “being able to choose what you want to do and then having the freedom to pursue it”.  Her definition was pretty clear cut.  We bantered back and forth from there, but her definition really got me thinking.  How would I define happiness?  My answer?  I really don’t know.

This past week, I’ve pondered the definition of happiness.  My quest to understand how others around me defined happiness lead me to ask friends…“How do you define happiness?”  The answers varied widely.  For some there was no answer.  For others the answer was an experience collage where the happiness “feeling” was experienced.  Could you actually define happiness?  Well, I decided to do a little exploring.

I stumbled on an interesting website The Pursuit of Happiness (check it out).  Initially, I was a bit overwhelmed by the scientific nature of the information.  Then I found the section on the 7 Habits of Happy People along with a 15 question quiz. The 7 Habits include the following:

  1. Relationships
  2. Caring
  3. Exercise
  4. Flow
  1. Spiritual Engagement and Meaning
  2. Strengths and Virtues
  3. Positive Thinking

As I took the Happiness Quiz, the questions got me thinking about the areas of my life that I am happy and satisfied with and those areas that are not as full and contributing to my overall positive, happy outlook.  I found the questions insightful and instructive.  You might too.

The 7 Habits also got me thinking about unhappiness or dissatisfaction that I sometimes experience or that I see/hear others experience.  I began to wonder if our rush-rush world separates us from knowing that there are many aspects of our lives that we are HAPPY, but messages of lack pervade our consciousness creating self-condemnation and unhappiness.  Essentially, we are being trained to see and experience lack or the sense that we are never good enough.  For example, if I walk my dog for 30 minutes that can be my form of exercise.  However, the insistent drum beat of exercise programming leads to negative self-talk/self-perception about the lack of a regular exercise routine.  This “doom loop” of negative thinking sets me up to not experience happiness even though I am walking 30-minutes a day.

The 7 Habits of Happy People is a helpful compass pointing me in the direction to having happiness flow through my days.  It is also a gentle reminder of areas in my life that need care, feeding, and conscious action.   It is powerful to recognize that happiness has little to do with others’ actions toward me, but is completely related to my actions outflowing to the world around me.  You might hear folks around you (or you) make statements like “He/She/They didn’t make me happy” or “You don’t make me happy”.   We live in a society that suckles at the teat of unhappiness and lack by creating images of what happiness “should” look like—which always seem just outside our grasp, our wallet, our time, our capacity.  While I haven’t developed a happiness definition, it is clear from the 7 Habits of Happy People that happiness is dependent on one factor: me and my active, conscious participation in shaping my life across these seven areas.  Take some time to invest in your happiness.  Spend time reading one of the 7 Habits.  Identify ways that you are already creating your happiness and take one action to create happiness in your life.

Peace & Blessings~


On the Healing Journey There are No Coincidences

My reflection on Monday centered on the journey of healing.  Almost 20 years ago, I attracted into my life experiences and people that radically catapulted my understanding of energy.  The energy I refer to is, by my understanding, a spiritual life force flowing in and through all things.  This life force is a teacher, healer, and transformer that surrounds every experience we have.   During this period, one lesson that I absorbed was that there are no coincidences.  Every experience I have is designed for my healing, transformation, or growth.  Well, ultimately healing is the core purpose leading me, if I choose to listen and act, to be my very best self.  As I wrote on Monday, my commitment is to be present to the feelings of anger or fear provoked by my interactions with others.  And to devote the time to closely reflect on the source of the anger or fear and endeavor to clear, heal, and restore.  There are no coincidences.

A few months ago I bought The Heart of the Soul written by Gary Zukav and Linda Francis.  It sat unread.  I read Zukav’s Seat of the Soul years ago and encountered extraordinary, transformative ideas.   Heart of the Soul has called my name for the last couple of weeks.  I swear my name seemed to be called louder and louder every day.  I finally heeded the call and opened the book yesterday.  Two chapters in and I am amazed at how my thoughts over the past couple of months are captured in the pages.  There are no coincidences.  The lesson that I needed to transform my thinking arrived in the form of a book; an energetic guide seeking my attention for weeks.

My commitment to be present to feelings of anger or fear puts me in touch with the ways that I may overtly or covertly try to change others.  As I read this idea, my mind immediately rejected it.  As I   nudge myself present to my emotions, a very loud, internal voice is busy blaming, criticizing, or castigating who or what has made me angry or fearful.  They/She/He need to change!  They/She/He hurt me!  They/She/He are wrong!  They/She/He don’t know what they are doing!  You know the drill.  This whole idea shows up in so many aspects of life: In traffic, in line, at work, in relationship, at church/synagogue/temple/mosque, in politics.  My overt or covert attempts to change others through my blaming, criticizing, or castigating serves as a cover so I don’t have to do the tough work of changing my anger and fear to love, acceptance, gratitude, and joy.

There are no coincidences.  The spiritual life force flows through all things and consistently draws into my life the experiences that reveal my anger or fear. Why?  To support me to change or transform the limiting thoughts, feelings, or actions that restrict me from radiating a life of love, joy, gratitude, and acceptance.  I am learning to be present in each experience that comes to me.  I am healing each moment I consciously transform anger to love and fear to joy—and radiate love and joy to others.  What experiences are you attracting into your life?  Where are your emotions of anger and fear showing up?  Will you accept your opportunity to transform those emotions into love and joy?

Changing your life does not mean getting a new job, husband or wife, or moving away from your parents or back in with them.  It means locating within you impulses to make yourself feel worthy by attempting to control others or the circumstances around you, and changing them. – Gary Zukav & Linda Francis

Healing: A Journey Not a Destination

Our human experience, by virtue, of being born into family, living with and among people, creates experiences of deep hurt. That hurt often operates in the background of our lives.  For some, hurt and pain operate right on the surface propelling our choices, actions, and reactions to those around us.

The active choice to heal, to forgive, to release takes tremendous courage; first to acknowledge and then to be willing to put the painful garbage out to the light of day and start sorting through it.  Yesterday I was reminded that healing is a journey, not a destination. Somewhere along the way, I had convinced myself that 10-years of healing work was complete; destination reached!  But what I realized in the midst of an unsettling conversation is that my living continues to reveal opportunities for healing.  Healing my thoughts, fear, anger, and counterproductive stories about who and what I am is a lifelong journey.

Years ago I read how those closest to us serve as mirrors to the areas in our lives that need healing.  For example, a person may be in relationship with someone who is stingy in giving love.  That is often the very thing that the person who craves love needs to heal within him/herself—to cultivate self-love.  Another way to think about this is that we attract in others what we need to resolve in ourselves.  Sometimes it is hard to see what I need to resolve if I only turn inward.  But the person I am in relationship with (friend, family, parent, partner/spouse, and child) may reveal an unresolved issue.  When I quiet myself and deeply reflect on the root of my angst, I realize that my frustration with another person is often the area in myself that needs my healing attention.

It is startling how unresolved anger and rage drain precious energy.  I am surprised by the countless people whose anger and rage lurks just beneath a thin veil.  And bursts forth with the casual mention of a person’s name, a perceived slight, or retelling of a childhood story.   Few of us are unscathed by childhood/adulthood experiences of divorce, trust betrayal, substance abuse, abandonment, mental illness, racism, violence, trauma, or sexual violation.  Consider that many of us are walking around raw, wounded, and enraged.  The journey of healing, I believe, is the deep release/clearing out of guilt, fear, anger through the conscious act of forgiveness, release of pain, and cultivation of Love.

As a new month opens, my commitment is to be present to the feelings of anger or fear provoked by my interactions with others.  And devote the time to closely reflect on the source of the anger or fear and endeavor to clear, heal, and restore.  Journaling has always been a helpful tool to get “things” out.  I can better see what I need to consciously forgive, breathe into and release, and replace with productive thoughts through prayer, affirmation, or mantras.

Love and uplifting interconnections are the sustenance we each need for whole, happy lives.  Healing ourselves and our relationships by releasing guilt, fear, anger, and disappointment energy creates new space to draw to ourselves new experiences of joy and Love.  I hope this piece sparks your healing journey and propels you to your life of Love and Light.

Peace & Blessings~