What Would You do If You Weren’t Afraid?

I love thought provoking questions. What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid? Is a questions I heard recently. Honestly, the question drove right to my heart. My mind magically and conveniently went blank. What would I do?

Late into the night, I kept asking myself: What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid? Since hearing the question, I’ve been reminded of a couple of facts.

  • When faced with an opportunity to describe a limit-free life, I get stuck as a very powerful voice (in my head) edits out any truly limitless, creative, inspired ideas I have with very rational objections.
  •  People can plant seeds of limiting beliefs in my heart/mind soil. But I when I become the tenacious farmer—watering, cultivating, weeding, and fertilizing their negative seeds—I grow someone else’s garden of self-doubt in my heart/mind soil.
  •  I can’t…I don’t have…I’ll try…She/He told me that I wasn’t-couldn’t-shouldn’t-never. These are some of the most limiting, fear producing statements in our language.

I live with these “facts” daily.  Sometimes I live fully in my creative, inspired present—without fear. There are days when I labor to stave off the crush of limiting beliefs.  How about you?

Guess What I Discovered?

I decided to take action. Ove the past three years, I’ve tackled the question What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid?  Today, my life is dramatically reinvented. And I’m not done yet.  I want a juicy life. A life filled with abundant love, financial prosperity, joyful friendships, fulfilling service.  I am committed to turning fear, doubt, and limitation into an extraordinary, limitless reality. How about you? Get my FREE e-book. It has the amazing, life-changing 5 discoveries I’ve applied to my life. Click the link and download my FREE e-book Invent the Life of Your Dreams. Here are some of the things you’ll discover.

  • How ignite and reawaken your creative energy for powerful results!
  • How to create a passionate life using my Breathtaking Success Blueprint.
  • Find out how to get control of your thinking and invent an amazing life.
  • Find out what the most powerful word is on the planet.

My FREE e-book Invent the Life of Your Dreams is designed to get you into action. Check out the five amazing action steps today!  Click this link for instant access Invent the Life of Your Dreams.



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